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It is an annual presidential scholarship that covers tuition fees, board, room and other expenses the student needs to complete his four-year undergraduate degree. The scholarship receivers can avail of this scholarship at any university or college in the US. Anyone from any academic program or background can apply for the scholarship.

The Coolidge scholarship is applied by students in junior year of their high school. The finalist of the scholarship is sent to Vermont, where students are interviewed before a final jury. Students are then informed about their scholarships before the college application is late in their junior year. Coolidge students can receive a small amount of college scholarship that can be only used once.

Calvin Coolidge was a young Englander that worked in academics and supported public speaking on public policy. The main difference between the Coolidge scholars is different from other students based on their academic excellence. The other criteria are interest in public policy, appreciation for humility service, and value values Coolidge championed before my senior year in high school.

The selected students spend orientation days at the birthplace of President Plymouth Notch, Vt., a picturesque place. Through these scholarships, students learned about Coolidge and his world and helped the foundation of Coolidge to see the debate program. When scholars are in college, they need to return each year for a week to Plymouth in the summer to participate in.

Each year, only a few students are known as Coolidge scholars and students of the top 100 scorers are needed as Coolidge scholars. Coolidge senators are invited to attend the senator summit in Washington, DC. Students, all expenses are paid. They will attend it free of cost. In this summit, the senators learn about President Coolidge, meet high performers from all around the country, and discover about the nation’s capital. The Coolidge president’s foundation handles the scholar’s program.

Eligibility Criteria for Coolidge Scholarship

Coolidge scholarship applicants must have intended to enroll full-time as undergraduate students in any accredited US college and university. Students in their junior year of high school and home-schooled students are also eligible to apply for the scholarship. Students currently in high school junior and have taken some courses in local colleges are also eligible to apply.

Students that are applying for the scholarship need to be permanent citizens of the US. The student applying for the scholarships must be someone other than a member, current employee, or trustee of the scholarship program or the Coolidge presidential foundation.

Primary Criteria for Coolidge Scholarship

All students applying for the scholarship must have excellent academic background. Students applying for scholarships must succeed and pursue the course of study available. Students that will be awarded will establish uncommon academic depth and intellectual curiosity.

For this scholarship, depth matters the way breadth matters. Scholarship winner has intellectual pursuit and interest in scholarly besides the classroom. The credential of students don’t define the traits of Coolidge scholars. Like Salk, the father of the polio vaccine has excelled in school that he skipped grades. As a student, he was not interested in science but interested in human beings and was quite curious about writing.

Secondary criteria for Coolidge scholarship

For Coolidge, childhood days from Plymouth to the white house, his interest was in public policy. Thus, this scholarship seeks students that have an interest in policy. The scholarship is not restricted to a student that wants to pursue a career in government or public policy. This scholarship values students of all disciplines.

Students of all scholarships should value and establish awareness of values. President Coolidge championed the values of enterprise, federalism, civility, constitutional government, and enterprise. The scholarship winner will be engaged in solving the issue of the time, like President Coolidge. The scholar will value respectful debate instead of attacking partisans and being civilized.

Humility and service- in Coolidge tradition, humility is considered a leadership quality. Coolidge, in his autobiography, wrote, “It is a great advantage to a President, and a major source of safety to the country, for him to know that he is not a great man.” The Coolidge scholarship looks for students who show service and care for their human well-being. Coolidge has helped his fellow citizens and American communities. The scholarship is awarded to young students who commit to improving their society and community. The service is valued in scholarship over-ambitious efforts. The students can contribute to an existing organization rather than create their own. Students with leadership credentials in high schools are also awarded other prizes awards. These awards are provided to high school t students so young students have the potential to lead in the future life. A student that wants to work alone and has the potential to research is considered a strong candidate. Introverts can win this scholarship. The scholarship is merit-based, not nonpartisan. It is offered regardless of gender, background, and race.

Recommendation guideline for the Coolidge scholarship

Always include the first and last name of the applicant in the letter first paragraph. You must always include your institute affiliation name and signature at the end of the letter. You need to state about the applicant, how long you have known, and in which capacity. It would help if you were specific with relevant examples of information, so it would be easy for the jury to see that candidate is the right fit for the scholarshipThe letter should be at most 1200 words. Letters written by multiple individuals are not acceptable. Applicants need to submit the letters in PDF or Microsoft Office files.


This scholarship is offered to US citizens. It is a presidential-level scholarship that offers the student’s tuition fees, board, room and other expenses needed by the student to complete their four-year undergraduate degree. In this article, I have discussed the primary and secondary eligibility criteria and recommendation letter guidelines for applicants.

The main criterion for the scholarship is an interest in public policy, and secondary criteria include appreciation for humility, service and value values that Coolidge championed. If students want to know the exact deadline for the scholarship each year and complete the guidelines, they can consult the official website.

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