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The USA has always been cutting-edge with new healthcare and medical technology ideas. This is why studying medicine or courses related to health care in the United States makes more sense. For example, a report says there were 1,099,486 applications from students from other countries to study medicine in the US. Every year USA offers many scholarship for medical students.

The average number of applications from one person was 18. So, it’s easy to see why the US is one of the most popular places to study the MBBS course and its specializations. Students in the US look forward to going to prestigious medical schools.

But the cost of living in the US can be high because of things like rent, transportation costs, and other things. US students need between $10,000 and $25,000 to pay for their education. Aside from these, living costs include IELTS, entrance exams like NEET and MCAT, and student visas. Here are the costs of getting an MBBS in the United States.

But you also need to consider the residency program, for which every doctor from a different country must apply after MBBS. So, it can be hard for many US students to simultaneously pay for MBBS school and living costs. MBBS scholarships are available in the USA from several medical schools.

Top US Universities for MBBS with Scholarships

Several well-known medical schools and top universities in the US offer MBBS degrees. Research shows that 42% of people who wanted to enroll in MBBS in the USA for the school year did so. But, each medical school has different rules about how many applications they will accept.

For example, the acceptance rate at Harvard University is 3.8%, while the rate at the University of Tennessee is 13.8%. Scholarships for Harvard Medical School Harvard Medical School (HMS) Scholarships help MBBS students who want to take medical courses at HMS. It pays for both tuition and fees that doctoral students have to pay.

A committee decides who is eligible for the scholarship by taking the family contribution off the tuition and required fees from the institutional amount. HMS scholarships can only be used for up to eight semesters. For the application process, you must tell them about your pre-medical background, where you would like to live, your professional interests, and how well you are doing in school.

Joseph Collins Foundation Scholarships

It is a program that has given out scholarships since 1951. It is named after Dr. Joseph Collins, who was one of the first to study nerves in 1888. It gives a $10,000 scholarship for medical students each year. Joseph Collins Foundation Scholarship gives money to general practice, neurology, and psychiatry students who want a medical degree. This scholarship is for people who are going to medical school east of the Mississippi River. Students will need better grades, especially if they are in the top half of their class.

NHS Corps Scholarships

The US government’s National Health Service Corps is a scholarship for medical students who want to work in healthcare and improve the lives of US citizens. The program pays for MBBS students’ tuition, books, equipment, supplies, and a monthly stipend for the course period.

NHS scholarships are only open to US citizens who meet certain requirements. So, it would help if an accredited university let you get a medical degree in one of the following fields:

  • Medicine (MD or DO)
  • Dentistry (DDS or DMD)
  • Nurse practitioner
  • Certified nurse-midwife Physician’s Assistant

Jack Kent Cooke Scholarships

With an average of $10,112 a year, the Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship for medical students has given $14.6 million to a large number of students. One of the best things about Jack Kent Cooke Scholarships is that you can study in any field you want.

It gives each student a grant of $55,000 per year, which covers tuition, living costs, books, and fees. Students in medical school who want to get a scholarship must show proof of their Adjusted Gross Income (AGI). You can be any age, but you must have chosen to take a two-year course at a university in the US.

Howard G. Lapsley Scholarship for Medical Students

Howard G. Lapsley Scholarship for medical students, especially those who want to study in the area where the JFK-Muhlenberg Campus serves Union, Somerset, and Middlesex counties. Every teenager receives a scholarship that pays for everything and is worth $10,000 per year. All students who want to be considered for the Howard G. Lapsley Scholarship for medical students must,

  • Send in your elementary or high school transcripts, your final undergraduate transcript, your current medical school transcript, or your acceptance letter to medical school with a copy of the school deposit.
  • Give four letters of recommendation, and at least two must be from professors.
  • Please give a copy of your most new FAFSA financial report.
  • Type an essay of one page about why they want the Howard G. Lapsley Memorial Scholarship.

How to Apply for a Scholarship for medical students in the USA

The way international students get into MBBS programs at American universities differs from how it works in other countries. For instance, an international student who wants to choose a medical degree course must take a pre-medical course and get a high MCAT score. To apply for MBBS admission, an international student can visit the medical school’s official website or use the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS).

Some of the most common requirements to get into a Scholarship for medical students in the USA are,

  • Good grades in the 10th and 12th grades of higher secondary school
  • Bachelor of Science (BS) in Biology, Chemistry, or a similar field.
  • Good marks on the NEET and MCAT.
  • Show that you know English by getting high scores on tests like the IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc.
  • A Passport and a Student Visa

Free Application for Federal Student Aid is essential for students who wish to apply for different medical scholarships. It’s a typical application form for students, and they have to fill it out with important information like their past grades, how much money they make, etc. Also, many medical schools in the US use this information to decide if a candidate is eligible for federal aid.


MBBS or MD programs in the US are good because there are many great hospitals and other healthcare facilities in the area. But scholarships are important because the costs of school, fun, housing, and other things are increasing. This is where MyScholarshipPoint can assist you in choosing the best course in the US and give you the right advice about financial aid and visa support.

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