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This scholarship is one of the world’s most prestigious and largest scholarships for high achieved students, provided by Davidson Institute for talent development. This scholarship is offered to students that are below 18 years of age. It allows the students to submit their projects in different categories, such as STEM and humanities, and also has an option for graduate-level pieces. Davidson Fellows scholarship provides students with a monetary benefit when they need to take admission and an opportunity to showcase their college graduate level project to college admission counselors or on their common application. It adds an extra advantage when you have work to show off while applying its upper hand to you in an interview, strengthen your application and give proof of leadership. Around 8 million students are provided with this scholarship. The award for the scholarship is 50 thousand US dollars, 25 thousand US dollars and 10 thousand US dollars; below, we discuss the history, requirements and eligibility criteria, selection criteria, rules and regions for the scholarship.

History and Mission of Davidson Institution

The institution was started in 1999 in Reno, Nevada, by Davidson. Initially, they started an educational software company known as Davidson and Associate Inc. and was famous for reading Blaster and math blaster. They sold this company in 1997 and started to work in education by establishing philanthropic programs to change children’s lives. Davidson Institute for Talent’s mission is to support the students by gifting students below eighteen years old that score around 99.9 on achievement and IQ tests. They provide students with specific tools and opportunities to reach their full potential.

Eligibility and dealing for Davidson Fellows scholarship

If you want to be applying for the scholarship, you must be younger than 18 years before the application deadline. You need to be a citizen of the United States or a permanent resident of the US or stationed overseas because of military duty in the US. Two teams are eligible, but all team members must meet the required scholarship criteria. There is no minimum age limit to apply for a scholarship. The reward events are held in Washington, DC in September Davidson fellows need to be present with one parent or guardian. The institute covers travel expenses and lodging expenses.

Category and regions for Davidson Fellows scholarship

The scholarship has science, mathematics, music, philosophy, literature, technology and out-of-the-box. Community service projects are not eligible to apply for scholarships, but institutions provide scholarships and grants for community-based projects. Athletic accomplishment is not also a specific category for a scholarship. There are various categories to apply for scholarships, but you can only apply in one. If you need clarification, you can take assistance to figure out which category you should submit the project to.

There are six regions where the scholarship can be used: England Association of Schools and Colleges, middle states association, north central association of Colleges and Schools, western association of Colleges and Schools, northwest association of Schools and Colleges and southern association of Colleges and Schools.

Project criteria and review category requirement

The scholarship is awarded based on the significant work of students. The significant work is the one that field experts recognize as having potential for society and is meaningful. The application should be created with prior knowledge of the subject. It must have an idea that can create a high impact. The solution to any problem with implications and advancement can be built up and replicated. Doing a demo of any accomplishment, best performance and discovery in interdisciplinary. Important information for teams-Team members need to be 18 or younger 18 before the deadline. The teams should be at most two people. The team member needs to attend the event awards. The amount of scholarship will be distributed equally among students. Two nominators are needed for solo submissions. The experts are looking for projects close to the college graduate level with in-depth knowledge of the subject study area. The scholarship is not awarded to students that have beginner’s knowledge.

Rules for Davidson Fellows Scholarship

To be eligible and win the Davidson Fellows scholarship, you must submit your project before the deadline. You need to complete your application. You can only submit one application, not more than that in a year. But you can apply every year until you are eligible for the scholarship. You can only apply through the application website. Materials that are sent via fax and email should be taken into consideration. Science-specific rules: You cannot submit a project involving human subjects, controlled substances, pathogenic substances, invertebrates or live vertebrates. The institute will examine the tissue project if the applicant proves three things: that the student works with any lead scientist. The scientist needs to provide the institute with the allowance from the scientific review committee or institutional review board. Lastly, the materials taken were not for the reason of scholarship.

Selection criteria for the Davidson Fellows scholarship

The project submissions are judged for the correctness and completeness of the project. The projects are divided into categories. The professional and expert in that field judges and analyzes the project. If needed, the experts work with experts to check the project’s validity. The judging criteria to be selected are for the scope and quality of the entry, which contains 50 points. For the significance of the work, 3o points, the applicant’s in-depth knowledge of the subject and understanding of the related domain area and work include 20 points.


Davidson fellows scholarship is one of the most well-known and prestigious scholarships for students that are under 18 years. The award of scholarships is 50k, 25k, and 10k for students. You need to be a citizen of the United States to apply for the scholarship. Students need to have in-depth knowledge about the subject and the project’s scope to attain a scholarship. Students can submit the project in different categories of scholarship. In this article, I have discussed the history, mission statement, eligibility criteria, regions, rules and selection criteria for the scholarship award that will help you while applying for a scholarship.