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If you need help deciding which course to apply for, choosing a university with fully funded undergraduate scholarships for first-year students could help you. It’s important to find out if the college you’re applying to has any scholarships. Most of the time, international first-year students in the UK get scholarships from the University.

Fully funded undergraduate scholarships for first-year college students go to students who have done well in school or done something special, especially in sports. Most of the time, these scholarships won’t cover all your school costs, but they are a good way to help you pay for school. Some colleges, like the University of Nottingham, offer scholarships that cover the full cost of tuition.

Nottingham University

Fully funded undergraduate scholarships are available for various courses and departments at the University of Nottingham. Their new regional excellence awards pay part of your tuition for the first year of your course and are given to high-achieving students who will put their degrees to good use in their careers. Good athletes can also get scholarships from the University.

College of London University

University College London has a tool to help students find fully funded undergraduate scholarships. This means that students from other countries have a lot of options. Scholarships are easier to find thanks to search filters. You can use these filters based on your country of origin, your degree, whether you are a current or future student, the course you want to take, or anything else. Take your time and learn as much as possible about your choices.

Sheffield University

Depending on their course, international students can get fully funded undergraduate scholarships from the University of Sheffield worth between £2,000 and £2,500. They also have 50 scholarships that cover 50% of your tuition costs for each year of your undergraduate degree. Visit their country pages to learn more about grants and scholarships in that country.

Brighton University

Most of the time, the University of Brighton gives international scholarships to people who have done well in school. This doesn’t just mean doing well in school; it can also mean doing well in several other areas. Students who do well in school and have done other great things in your field will be the best candidates.

Manchester University

The University of Manchester offers many types of scholarships and grants. International students in certain courses, disciplines, or faculties can get awards based on their studies. The University also gives out money for college, travel grants, and much more. Check their website to see if any fully funded undergraduate scholarships they offer are right for you.

The Warwick University

Warwick University has a list of scholarships for people not from the UK or the EU. Most fully funded undergraduate scholarships are given to people from other countries and are listed by country. It would help if you filtered by your country to find out what scholarships are available to first-year college students in your country.

Durham University

The International Excellence Scholarship at Durham University gives international students with excellent academic skills £2,000 for their first year of school. All international students getting a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in math or statistics are automatically considered for the scholarship. So, unless you’re applying for the Mathematics and Statistics program, you’ll need to fill out a scholarship application to be considered.

Edinburgh University

There are three kinds of fully funded undergraduate scholarships for international students at the University of Edinburgh. The Edinburgh Global Undergraduate Mathematics Scholarships are for math students, the Robertson International Scholarships are for history, classics, and archaeology students, and the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies Worldwide Scholarship is for veterinary students. The University also has a Hardship Fund for international students in unexpected financial trouble.

Westminster University

The Westminster Undergraduate High Achiever Awards and the Westminster fully funded undergraduate scholarships are the two main scholarships for first-year students at the University of Westminster in London. The University’s website also has a scholarship finder, so take your time to look at your options and see if you qualify for any external or joint scholarships.

Leicester University

The University of Leicester gives first-year students outside the EU scholarships through the President’s Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme and the University of Science and Engineering fully funded Undergraduate Scholarships. There are also grants and discounts from the University.

Some classes or people related to former or current students still in school can get a discount. This means that if you have a brother or sister who wants to study or is already studying at Leicester, one of you will get a discount on your course fees. At other UK universities, first-year students can also get scholarships.

The list of universities on the MyScholarshipPoint website is longer, but it will take some time to look at them all. During your search, you should be patient and look at your options. Apply for almost everything you think you can get, and do your best to make your application stand out. Best of luck!

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