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United Kingdom Chevening Scholarship – Fully Funded Scholarships For International Students

This Scholarship pays for [the full cost of studying, a fixed-rate living stipend for one person, a round-trip economy-class ticket to the United Kingdom, and new grants to cover high costs. A Master of Science

The Rhodes Trust Scholarship

Rhodes fully funded Scholarships for International students pays for tuition at Oxford University and College, furniture, and regular payments in the United Kingdom. And the payment for the school year will be £1,325, or £15,900 per month. This will cover all of the students’ living costs, including rent.

Commonwealth Fellowships and Scholarships

This international Scholarship in the UK pays for your flight from your home country to the UK and back to your home country after you win. They won’t pay back the cost of your family’s flights or, in most cases, the cost of trips you took before your award was approved [education and exam fees, salary, living allowance, thesis claim towards] the cost of trying to write a thesis or discussion.

Scholarships from Japan and the World Bank

The value of the Program is that it only helps people who want to do good things. These include one round-trip flight in economy class from the home country to the host university at the beginning of the Program and one trip back home at the end.

Gates Cambridge Scholarships for International Students

The Gates Cambridge Scholarships for international students program was made possible by a gift of $210 million from the Melinda Gates Foundation to the University of Cambridge.

Oxford University offers the Clarendon Scholarship.

The [Award All Clarendon Scholarship] pays for all school and council fees and a big chunk of living costs. This is one of the best international programs for teaching people to read in the UK.

The Westminster International Scholarship (WIS)

Scholarships for International Students pay for all expenses, including tuition, housing, food, and travel to and from London. Fully Funded Scholarships for international students are given out to eligible students from growing countries who desire to study in the UK and obtain a full-time degree in any field at the [University of Westminster]. And the grants pay for everything, including tuition, room and board, and other living costs.

The University of Bradford’s [Global Development Scholarships]

About €25,000 is spent on each education through the Program. The price of the education includes full tuition, a place to live in The Green, and €4,200 per year for living costs, which will be paid in three parts in October, January, and April.

University of Nottingham (Developing Results Masters Scholarship)

Under the [Developing Results Scholarship Scheme], which started in 2001, the University of Nottingham is happy to give full-tuition fully funded scholarships for international students.

Rotary Foundation Scholarships

For one year, the academy will be open. Since its start more than a century ago, the Foundation has put more than $4 billion into [life-changing, long-term systems]. The Rotary Foundation allows people to spend on school and fellowships.

The International Cambridge Scholarship

A year passes at the academy.

The [OPEC] International Development Scholarship Fund

The value of the Program will cover the full cost of your education, including any extra fees charged by your school. The allowance includes a round-trip ticket from your home country to the University, health insurance, payment to help with moving costs, and a yearly allowance.

MasterCard Foundation Scholarships for International Students

Students who sign up for programs in Edinburgh will get a full scholarship that pays for their food, housing, travel, and tuition. Over the next seven years, the [MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at The University of Edinburgh] will give full scholarships to [80 undergraduate and 120 postgraduate African scholars]. And the length of any program is always the same as the length of the Program.

The Windle Trust Scholarship for Graduates

The Program fee covers a round-trip flight to and from the United Kingdom and a paycheck for the whole two-month study session. The Program goes on for a year. Windle Trust International has been working with many colleges in the UK for almost 30 years to give young people from African countries a chance to graduate.

Scholarships From The Felix Trust For Developing Nations

Fully Funded Undergraduate Scholarships

Scholarships For International Students

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