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Different types and numbers of scholarships are available for international students to study abroad. All scholarships don’t provide full tuition fee waivers and cover all expenses. Even in some scholarships, if the tuition fee is waived, students still need help funding other expenses.

Fully funded scholarship covers tuition fee, flight ticket, monthly stipend, search allowance, health insurance, etc. These scholarships are provided to all degree levels, from undergraduate to postdoctoral. The government, organizations, universities and colleges usually provide scholarships.

International student scholarship

Is available in different science, engineering, art, and humanities fields. Through these opportunities, you can study and travel around the world. When you visit a country other than your home country to study, you make friends, discover a new culture, and become practical. Before applying for any scholarship mentioned below, you must meet the deadline eligibility criteria.

Usually, the application process doesn’t involve an application fee, but there are some scholarships for which you may have to pay an application fee. Never pay an application fee to people who claim to guarantee you provide a scholarship. They might attract you to the scam. Below, we discuss some scholarship opportunities for students.

Different Types of International Student Scholarship

Thailand Government scholarship- they provide a fully funded scholarship for international students. They offer a postgraduate program that is available for students that want to pursue their master’s degree by participating in Thailand institutions. This scholarship covers book allowance accommodation expenses, domestic travel, tuition fee settlement allowance and thesis allowances. The deadline to apply for the scholarship is July 31, 2023.

UNESCO Poland Co-sponsored engineering fellowship– this scholarship work to promote international understanding among the nation and people of Poland. It also works in the improvement of human resource capacity in developing countries. The program supports the socio-economic growth of developing countries by allowing them to increase their education and knowledge among citizens. These scholarships cover the tuition fees, monthly allowance, travel expenses, onetime special allowance and health insurance. The deadline for this scholarship is April 28, 2023.

Islamic development bank scholarship is one of the best scholarship for students that want International student scholarship at any degree level, whether it is undergraduate or postdoctoral level. It is an opportunity for students, researchers, and scholars to enjoy fully funded scholarships. The scholarship aims to empower communities so they work to achieve sustainable development goals. This scholarship has no application fee, and the process is online. The scholarship covers accommodation insurance, tuition fees, monthly allowance, etc. the deadline for this scholarship was April 30, 2023.

Google Ph.D. fellowship for Africa– this fellowship aims to develop relations with the education community. The Ph.D. fellowship was started to identify outstanding students with innovative and exceptional research skills in computer sconce or related fields. This scholarship is mainly for Indians, Africans, or East Asians wanting to start their Ph.D.

The World Bank scholarships program-it is the joint scholarships program of Japan and the world bank for graduate scholars of developing countries with professional experience and history that will support their country’s development after the successful completion of the degree. This scholarship offers 26 participating programs in the US, Japan, Europe, Oceania and African universities in development areas such as policy management, infrastructure management, economic policy and tax policy. The deadline for these scholarships is May 26, 2023.

The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship program– is for experienced professionals who want to enhance their leadership skills by exchanging knowledge and issue understanding faced in the US and its fellow countries. The scholarships are for ten months and fully funded for non-degree academic study. The deadline for the scholarships is October 1, 2023.

The University of Padua scholarships– the University of Padua establishes these scholarships to attract international students for the graduate and undergraduate programs. Through this program, they attract students to study in Italy and also experience their culture. Universities offer different types of scholarships that provide tuition waivers, acclimation study grants and assistantships. The deadline to apply for these scholarships is May 2, 2023.

IUCEA- world bank master for Females– World Bank starts the program with partnerships with some African governments to finance higher education centers. The programs encourage African females at the postgraduate level for fully funded scholarships. Female students interested in science and agriculture are encouraged to apply for scholarships. The late date to apply for scholarships is June 15, 2023.

Honjo Foundation scholarships– are provided to international students who did graduate from school in Japan. The recipient of scholarships does not need to pay back the scholarship amount to the foundation. They provide accommodation, travel allowance, and monthly allowance to attend conferences. The recipient cannot take any scholarships if he is an awarded of this scholarship. Scholarships are provided to students pursuing their master’s and Ph.D. research. The deadline to apply for this scholarship is April 40, 2023.

The University of Melbourne scholarships are open for international and Australian students to start their undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. There are 1600 scholarships, and among them, 1000 scholarships are for undergraduate programs. The deadline to apply for the scholarships is October 31, 2023.

Full bright foreign student scholarships-allow international students to study and research in the USA. The scholarships apply to 155 Fulbright countries. The selected candidate can study from a partner institution in their interest in the program. The awarded can pursue their master’s and Ph.D. The deadline to apply for the scholarships is October 31, 2023.


International Student Scholarship is for undergraduate level and also postgraduate level degrees. The scholarships differ in many ways. Some scholarships offer fee waivers, while others also offer accommodation assistantships and cover other expenses related to study and research. In this article, I have discussed different scholarship opportunities for international students by various institutions and governments. The article also included the deadlines for various scholarships so you can easily visit the scholarships website before the deadline and apply for the scholarships.