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Living and pursuing a college degree in America has become extremely difficult due to rising inflation rates. According to an estimate, the average cost of attending a college in America is around $5000-$32,000. That’s the very reason why more and more students move to other countries, especially Europe, to pursue their degrees.

Europe is one of those countries which provides quality education with a lot of side benefits, to both national and international students. Some of its colleges even offered FREE education so you can complete higher studies just by paying your living expenses and the cost of flights.

If you’re also searching for such a best-value European college, we got you covered. Below, we have jotted down the best colleges in Europe for American students which not only offer pocket-friendly education or appealing fellowship programs but also discard things like cultural differences and language barriers. So, keep reading to know more about those European colleges and universities where you can study American English and follow the American education system while enjoying the fairytale atmosphere.

Best colleges in Europe for American students

1.   Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), Spain

If you are one of those American students who want to master Spanish as your second language then there would be nothing better than learning it in Spain. Besides offering quality education, Spain has a youthful, vibrant culture that is ready to welcome you warmly with its long bright days and even longer nights in the Mediterranean climate.

Despite having a laid-back attitude, Spain doesn’t lack options when it comes to options regarding prestigious schools. However, this autonomous university of Barcelona, Spain is famous for its quality teaching and research excellence. The main campus is located only fifteen minutes away from Barcelona’s city center and can be accessed easily via public transportation.

The UAB offers high-level graduate and postgraduate programs in almost every area of knowledge which is the major reason behind its wide international dimension. Around 2000+ international students are enrolled in their master’s programs whereas 1600+ international students are there for their PhD degree.

In addition to this, there are also some specific programs that are specially designed to aid foreign students during their stay at UAB. About 45 master’s programs are taught in 100% English which is another reason why it’s one of the best colleges in Europe for American students.

2.   University College London, England

Anyone who plans on studying in Europe has Oxford, Cambridge, or Imperial College of London as his top options since these colleges are not only the oldest but also highly respected worldwide. However, another big Daddy in the race is University College London. The college is one of the major and most famous destinations for foreign students from all around the world since the medium of teaching there is English.

In this way, students who speak English, such as Americans, can easily access and comprehend the course catalogs. Students are selected based on intelligence, potential, and talent instead of their national or social backgrounds. Also, the individuality and diversity of every student are celebrated there.

Since the UCL courses are highly competitive and there’s a rigorous enrollment criterion, only a selective number of students can make it to the end. Despite this fact, the university college London has around 27,000 alumni in North America. Currently, more than a thousand students from America are studying at graduate and undergraduate levels at UCL. In total, around 48% of their students belong to different countries.

Their degree programs are also quite cost-effective since the bachelor and master at UCL cost around $29000 and $32000 per year, respectively. On the other hand, you are allowed to complete your master’s degree in one year whereas the bachelor’s degree in three years. As a UCL student, you’ll also be eligible to apply for American Federal Student Aid. To help you find part-time work for your daily living expenses, you can get in touch with their career service and student union as well.

3.   Heidelberg University, Germany

Heidelberg University, Germany has around 18% population of international students so as an American, you won’t feel left out or an outsider, at any point. Ranked among the top 75 academic institutions in the world, Heidelberg is the oldest university in Germany. It’s true that the official language of this university is German but there are dozens of graduate and postgraduate programs which are taught in English (including 10 master’s programs).

Like all other German universities, Tuition is free in Heidelberg too but you should be prepared to pay around $160 as your semester fee and $1000 as your monthly living expenses. Despite this, it is one of those colleges in Europe for American students that offers a quality education at a super economical price point.

4.   Aarhus University, Denmark

Best in Denmark and top-rated in entire Europe, Aarhus University is the last one on our list. Unlike Heidelberg University, international students would have to pay a Tuition fee of around $9000 per year. However, this tuition fee is much less than many other American universities. The University offers more than seventy English language programs at both bachelor’s and master’s levels.

Another reason why you should go there as an American student is that the city is the safest one out there. According to a recent OECD report of OECD, Denmark is the most liveable place in the world with the largest level of income equality. Even though Denmark is considered an expensive country to live in, there won’t be any problem for you as an international student since healthcare and other services are provided for free.

For applicants outside Europe, the university offers a limited number of fellowship and scholarship programs. As an American student, you may also apply for the William D. Ford Direct Loan Program. Not only this but all international students can also apply for housing in Denmark via student housing Aarhus, AU housing, and the private market. Your monthly student budget won’t exceed $1200.

Besides, many non-academic activities are organized there such as music, sports, weekly international nights, and trips around Denmark, making it one of the most diverse colleges in Europe for American students.