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When we first think about studying in Europe or getting an education in Europe, we think that studying abroad is something that only wealthy people can do because it is so expensive. Since we are the best abroad education consultants in India, we want to tell you about the cheapest countries to study in in Europe where you can study for the least amount of money.

Are you planning to study abroad and searching for locations in Europe where you can get a free education? The cheapest countries to study in Europe, like Germany, Italy, France, the UK, the Netherlands, Greece, Switzerland, Poland, Austria, and many more, offer affordable education. As people who help people study abroad, we pop the bubble for you. Nothing in life comes for nothing.

Even if you find a school that doesn’t charge tuition, you’ll still have to pay a lot for housing, visas, flights, etc. Even though you won’t have to pay tuition, you will still have to spend several of your hard-earned cash on other things. There are many cheapest countries to study in in Europe where students can study without paying for tuition.


Average Tuition: Free.

Germany is one of the cheapest countries to study in Europe for students who must study abroad. The country has many high-quality education options. Through their foreign education counseling, Aara Consultancy also helps students who want to go to Germany find ways to do so.

The biggest benefit is that you can be from something other than the EU or any other country to go to their universities. Even if you have to pay a small administrative fee, Germany is a great place for students who want to attend college, graduate school, or get their Ph.D. abroad. Germany is a great place to go to college because it is becoming more modern quickly, and its economy is growing.


Average Tuition: Free.

Norway has some of the least expensive universities for international students in the Nordic region. So, it is on our list of one of the cheapest countries to study in Europe. Even though education in Norway is free, it is the best in the world and is surrounded by beautiful, peaceful nature.

As the students learn about the topics, they see snowy mountains, blue fjords, and beautiful plants and animals. But if you want to study in Norway, housing and transportation will cost you a lot.


Average tuition: $1800 per year

Austria offers affordable education to students from other countries. It also has a beautiful view of the Alps, famous Gothic architecture, and a high-class way of life. Students from the European Union (EU) are the only ones who can study for free, while students from other countries might have to pay up to $1,000,000 a year.


Average tuition: $2,400

Greece, sometimes called the “Land of the Gods,” has much to offer. Studying in Greece is a shared experience because it allows you to satisfy new people, try new things, and learn more about different cultures. Because of how cheap it is to live there, it is one of the cheapest countries to study in Europe’s most affordable places to visit.

Greece is one of the cheapest countries to study in Europe if you want to live in a city like Athens, learn about the past in Thessaloniki, or spend your free time on an island sunbathing after class.


Average tuition: $3,500 a year

Hungarian universities offer degrees that are recognized around the world. Hungary is known for its historic city centers, beautiful landscapes, thermal water, and rich culture. Hungary was one of the 29 countries that signed the Bologna Declaration in 1999. Its universities were ranked high around the world.

This called for a European Higher Education Area (EHEA) where students and graduates could use qualifications from one country as an acceptable entry requirement for further studies in another. At Aara Consultancy, we help you determine which options are the best. Our trained counselors will help you pick the best option.


Average Tuition: 2500-10000€

A lot of people choose to study abroad in Italy. Rome is a popular choice, but you could also go to Florence. Florence is a good place to study things like fashion, music, architecture, art, and history related to art. Milan is also a great place to study fashion, of course.

These are the main places in Italy where people study abroad. So, universities have different tuition fees based on the type of school you choose. There are both public and private universities. A year at a public university can cost up to 2,500 euros, but a year at a private university can cost up to 10,000 euros.

Aara consultancy is one of the greatest abroad education consultants in Mumbai, India, because our students study in numerous European and North American nations. We have a lot of experience helping people with things like studying abroad, getting a bachelor’s degree, getting a master’s degree abroad, and more.

Advantages of Studying in Europe

You might wonder why going to school in Europe is so cheap. This is because the cheapest countries to study in Europe pay more taxes than America. These tax payments are then used for public services like universities. Here are some good things about going to school in Europe:


This is the best thing about going to school in Europe. The continent has cheap ways to get a good education. It also gives scholarships and other forms of financial aid to students who need them.

Europe has many of the best universities in the world because it has a lot of cross-border business, leading to a strong international academic community that does cutting-edge research.

Help for your job

Studying abroad helps your career, and studying in Europe gives you a border over your peers in the job market. Also, the cheapest countries to study in Europe make sure their students stay after graduation for a long time to bring the benefit of the many great job opportunities in the European Union.

Learn other languages

You learn other languages even though you study in English. Every day, the world becomes more diverse, so learning to speak two or more foreign languages is a good way to keep up.

For cultural encounters

You can learn about Europe’s long history and how it has changed over thousands of years.

Possibilities for travel

This is the best method to see the continent’s countries’ cultures, histories, and architecture. It’s also easy because there are a lot of international airports and rain networks.

A variety of educational options

In Europe, education is very good, and students must choose from a long list of programs and academic fields taught in English. Everyone can find something they like on the continent. Also, the Bologna procedure of reforms has ensured that all of the higher education systems on the continent are the same. This means that a degree from the continent is the same as one from a top country like the UK, Germany, or Lithuania.

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